2007 Rich List Supplement


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Source: Sunday Times (Ireland Edition), April 29, 2007
Link: http://www.enyabookofdays.com

Famously reclusive she may be but that hasn't stopped Eithne Ni Bhraonain, 45, or Enya, from shifting more than 70m records worldwide despite doing no touring. Last year she picked up her fourth Grammy for Amarantine, which sold 4m copies. She also won a world music award as Ireland's best-selling artist in 2006. The former Clannad star from Donegal was involved in a bitter dispute with her family when she left the group, at 22, in favour of manager Nicky Ryan and his lyricist wife Roma, her business partners. She now lives in a castle and sees few people apart from the Ryans. Enya says: "Nobody has yet understood my will, my strong need. Music is something I have got to do." The trademark Celtic strains of her Only Time composition accompanied CNN's 9/11 bulletins, and she earns lucrative broadcast royalties elsewhere too, And, despite her isolation, Enya has not ruled out love. "I've never given up on romance," she says. "People say we don't see a lot of you, but what's good is that I've been able to maintain my sense of privacy." 2006: ?74m, (117m)

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