Enya Forced To Flee Crazed Fan

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Author:Daniel Melia
Source: Gigwise.Com, 30 september 2005
Link: http://www.gigwise.com

Who broke into her home...

Irish ethereal songstress Enya is being stalked by a crazed fans who has caused two security breaches at her Dublin home in the past week.

On one occasion a fan broke into her Dublin Castle, tied up a maid and then roamed the building looking for Enya.

The singer was forced to flee to a safe room whilst the man spent two hours searching for her. The man eventually fled the building with several stolen objects after Enya activated a panic alarm.

The stalker remains at large and security at the six-bedroom home has been seriously stepped up. Another man was arrested earlier this week attempting to enter the house.

These latest stalker fears represent the third time that Enya has been stalked. Previously a crazed Italian fan, who would walk around Dublin with a framed picture of her hanging from his neck, bombarded her with love letters whilst following her every move for over a year.

The man later stabbed himself after being ejected from a pub owned by Enya's parents.

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